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Plan your wedding or baptism at Greece or Cyprus by giving yourself the choice between the professional freelancers and wedding planners. For the traveling part of your event (Destination, honeymoon, pleasure, services, and purchases) we would suggest that you choose separately the respective professionals (travel agencies for the travel part and wedding planners for the event services).

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Wedding & Baptism Decoration






Lara Flower Design by Loizos Perikleous
www.larafloraldesign.comRead more

To Rodon
www.rodonflowers.grRead more







EURO IN Nέα Collection 2020….Read more

Creation Rentals New Collection 2020 more

Bouketo Balonia New Collection 2020
www.balloon.grRead more

Balloon Fire New Collection 2020
www.balloon-fire.grRead More

Chef sto Spiti
www.chefstospiti.grRead more

Lela Petrotou, Florist…Read more

Konstantina Diakomopoulou, Florist, Athens…Read more

Anastasa Frysoulaki, Florist, Rethimno…Read more

Giorgos Nikolakopoulos

Giorgos Nikolakopoulos, Florist…Read more

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Wedding & Baptism Decoration

Event Planning
E. & N. Vourlos
”Harmonic Cooperation”

Fashion News

Wedding & Baptism Decoration

wedding planning PAVLINA TZOVARA
flower decoration CHRISTOS BATZIOLAS 

”Harmonic Cooperation”

Fashion News

Wedding & Baptism Decoration

Margarita Kazi… Read more

Fashion News

Wedding & Baptism Decoration

Takis Zempilis…Read more

Fashion News

Wedding & Baptism Decoration

Aerostato Deco
the ultimate rustic decoration!!!!!

Fashion News

Wedding & Baptism Decoration

Anastasia & Eleni Frysoulaki…Read more

Fashion News

Wedding & Baptism Decoration

Dimitra Papaefstathiou

“We are a family. Greek family!….Read More

BRIDELINE Online Show February 2-3-4 2019

BRIDELINE fashion Design Trends for wedding and Baptism Decoration

Master Florist Loizos Perikleous, Anastasia Frysoulaki, Konstantina Diakoumopoulou, Lela Petrotou, Gregory Lazarou, Giorgos Nikolakopoulos, Stavriani Dimitropoulou, Sia Livanou, Takis Zempilis, Nikos Pliakos. Find out the services of the florists and give a new and professional touch at your events…Read more

Takis Zempilis, Florist, Rethimno…Read more

Nikos Pliakos, Florist, Trikala…Read more

Sia Livanou, Florist, Athens…Read more

Batzfler- Wedding Planning & Baptism….Read More

Fragkiskos Kefalas Photographer/Videographer

Fragkiskos Kefalas was born in 1969 at Athens. Since 1993 he lives at Paros….Read more

Emmanuela Vavanou Decoration Services

Harmonic cooperation with Fragkiskos Kefalas….Read more

Ktima Mikelina

A beautiful place with elements of sophisticated aesthetics and luxury….Read more


Loukia Kavgalaki – Event creation

Evi Holeva

Selectively, through her experience, Evi Holeva….Read more

Christos Moudouris

Μουδούρης Χρήστος….Read more

Loizos Pericleous -Master Florist-Flower Decoration Planning- Lara Floral design….Read More

Pavlina Tzovara

Wedding – Event Planner….Read More

Christos Batziolas

Christos Batziolas – Florist – Owner of Batzfler & Freelancer- Harmonic cooperation….Read More








Thirty years ago, the company EURO IN, for the first time imports balloons in Greece….Read More

The Balloon-Fire Company was founded in 2001 with primary object events decorations….Read more


Α unique world full of  creativity, innovation and authentic ideas welcomes you….Read more