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The Brideline exhibition was established in 1987 at the Holiday Inn hotel. It is the first time that a commercial sampling on the field of wedding – baptism is organized in Greece. Halls and hotel rooms adequately meet the needs to host about 120 exhibitors and 600 professional retailers of wedding and baptism accessories as guests.

After 8 years, in 1995, Brideline moves at the newly-built EKEP Exhibition Center and operates as a commercial exhibition, highlighting the value of commercial sampling. In 2000, our company integrates the Abalaz Exhibition (Materials – Decoration) in the Brideline exhibition. Abalaz was established in 1997 in order to cover the needs for raw materials for the processors and craftsmen of the marriage and baptism industry and also to meet the demand created for luxury product packaging and decoration in a market that was flourishing.
In 2011, 250 exhibitors and 3500 visitors shape a unique specialized exhibition for bridal, baptism and special occasion clothing fashion as well as wedding – baptism accessories. In 2012, in the midst of a global economic crisis, EKEP shuts down and Brideline moves to the renovated MEC Peania Exhibition Center where it is housed until today. In 2013, we include the sectoral services of all professionals involved in marriage and baptism (handicrafts, rentals, florists, catering, confectioners, decorators, magazines etc.). A new profession is born, namely, that of a wedding planner and event management is developed for wedding and baptism. A large number of shops and professionals, holders of the Euroline blue member card, who operate in the wedding – baptism field in Greece, Cyprus and all the countries where expatriated Greeks are found, they all visit Brideline seeking special occasion clothes, raw material and ready-made products for the wedding-baptism, etc. At the same time, in 2011 and 2012 our company carries out two international exhibitions and ensures foreign visitors – buyers for the first time. In 2015 we introduced in the sector the Greek Expo Haute Couture supporting Greek businesses and promoting Greek products in foreign markets.

The customs and culture of the Greeks were allies in keeping these two Holy Mysteries at a distinct and high level securing survival of businesses and professionals involved in marriage and baptism.
Quality and design were the unique weapons of Greek professionals in the unfair commercial war of 2011-2016 during a global economic crisis. Brideline creates Fashion. Fashion both in baptism – wedding products and services. Materials and design create unique products. Complete thematic, artistic propositions concerning setting are constantly changing with new ideas from renowned professionals being continuously added. Fashion Marketing has become a powerful weapon of Brideline. We have achieved:

The promotion of baptismal clothing and children’s special occasions clothing and accessories. We have succeeded in making Greece the main producer of baptismal clothing for Orthodox populations.

The maintenance and development of artistic handmade creations. Because of their uniqueness, handmade wedding – baptism accessories are now the first choice of the consumer.
Brideline has highlighted Greek Brands, which became famous throughout Greece, Cyprus, in countries with expatriated Greeks, as well as others.

Fashion Marketing on services
The rich collection of wedding – baptism products, the specialization in decoration as well as the creation of fashion in wedding-baptism accessories, renewed every year, led to the creation and enhancement of thematic weddings and baptisms. Indirectly, Brideline has been an important factor in the development of honeymoon tourism and agritourism. The creation of fashion in products and the professional services of organizers have significant development benefits for our country. We have noticed the exploitation of remote areas for thematic Mysteries – Rituals (for example marriages in islets with churches, waterfalls, beaches, lakes) and so much that we still have to offer them (natural beauty-natura, ski resorts, forests, traditional settlements etc). Brideline’s biggest innovation is that it offers a combination of fashionable special occasion clothing, raw materials, processed products and services, all of which create a wonderful world of fashion for the wedding, the baptism and the event.

Euroline, the organizer company of Brideline, relies on the high-level marketing services. The continuous research on potential purchases for our exhibitors-clients is what makes it stand out from the other organizing companies. It is what made it viable in the years of the economic crisis and this implies that a number of Greek companies in the sector survived by us. We, therefore, invite all young professionals who enter the industry to participate in the continuation and development of the Brideline project.