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Visiting the Greek and Cypriot Ateliers-Shops to choose your wedding dress and special occasion clothes for your bridesmaids will be a unique experience. The experienced and trained staff of Greek & Cypriot shops will help you not only choose what suits you but also tailor it to your needs.


The Greek brands have created wonderful collections of baptismal and special occasion clothes, shoes and accessories in every size for the special life-moments of your child.

Justin Alexander New Collection 2020-2021. General Representative for Greece, Koupourtiadis Giannis
www.justinalexander.comRead more

Jiouli Νέα Collection 2020-2021
Διαβάστε περισσότερα

Mark Lesley New Collection 2020-2021. General representative for Greece, Mpantis Nikos…Read more

Casa della Sposa New Collection 2020-2021
www.casadellasposa.grRead more

Xifara Bridal Νew Collection 2020-2021….Read more

Venetti Νew Collection 2020-2021
www.venetti.grRead more

Georgiou Bros New Collection 2020-2021
www.stefanageorgiou.grRead more 

Madonna New Collection 2020-2021
www.stefana-madonna.grRead more

Velissaria Νew Collection 2020-2021 more

Designer’s Cat New Collection 2020-2021
www.designerscat.comRead more

Bebe en rose New Collection 2020-2021
www.bebeenrose.grRead more

La Christine New Collection 2020-2021……Read more

Baby U rock New Collection 2020-2021….Read more

Bambolino New Collection 2020-2021
www.bambolino.grRead more

Eddy K. New Collection 2020-2021. General Representative for Greece, Mpantis Thanasis
www.christianspose.grRead more

Jiouli New Collection Brideline 2019

Zolotas New Collection Brideline 2019

Bambolino New Collection Brideline 2019

Baby u Rock New Collection Brideline 2019

Stova Bambini New Collection Brideline 2019

Designer’s Cat New Collection Brideline 2019

Lina Baby New Collection Brideline 2019

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A collection inspired by Aristophane’s “Nepheles”. Socrates considers them Goddesses….Read More

Stova Bambini was founded in 1986 by Andreas Manolas under the brand….Read More

Bebe en rose company is activate at the field of manufacturing christening clothes since 1985….Read more


A product can be unique when it is qualitive….Read More

The fashion line byerofili was born from the long-lasting passion of Papastavrou family….Read more