There is a unique story within a bride. A different perspective, a little girl, a woman in love. And there is something unique when you choose your wedding dress…

It has nothing to do with fabric and laces. You acquire a part of heritage, an entire culture, a unique story that follows you from the moment you first imagined it.

Amongst all the wedding couture houses, Atelier Zolotas carries a unique heritage that no one can imitate. The Hellenic Vintage collection by the designer VG Zolotas, is inspired from the Hellenic heritage -one that is timeless. Simple lines, hand knitted elements, bobbin laces, loom fabrics made of cotton and unique embroidery in crochet.

Everything that happens in the Atelier is true, it comes through the heart, through the need for intense thrills.

There is a memory that never fades. That’s you in your wedding dress! You should never accept stereotypes. You’ve got to dare in a moment as special as you!

Since 1972 everything is made by hand. For its people this is not just a job, it is joy, it is what they consciously choose to do, and it is what they love! It is heritage!

The Hellenic Vintage collection is available in Atelier Zolotas (Athens), Zolotas Australia (Perth, Western Australia) and Zolotas Baltics (Kaunas, Lithuania). It can also be found in affiliate boutiques all around the world, who keep making a part of their bridal world!

For any question/request, you can contact them directly at

Discover the Hellenic Vintage world!