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Sugar Angel loves pure, quality ingredients, fresh butter, sugar, chocolate, vanilla, cinnamon, fresh fruit. We love the hours of dedication in the lab, the hum of the mixers, the fever of baking, the methodical experiments, the unstoppable research for new products, styles and packages.

But what Sugar Angel  loves more is happy customers.

For this reason, since 2009 when company established in the Thessaloniki-based audience, gained more and more loyal friends, willing to give in to the sweetness of  products over and over again. Fresh, made with care, inventiveness and good taste cupcakes and biscuits have become our famous “signature” in baptisms, weddings, children’s parties, birthdays and a whole host of other occasions for more joy and sweetness in our lives.

In April 2013, after three years of a very successful sweet run, Sugar Angel finally came to the center of Thessaloniki, in the quiet and elegant Lassani, then in September 2017, it opened its wings with the second store in the city of Thermi.

In a romantic, vintage environment that reminds a French Cafe, the smiling staff of the workshop bakes from early in the morning delicious cakes, brownies, cheesecakes and scented butter cookies, all made with the finest ingredients and homemade recipes, while Angeliki, the soul of the shop, does beautiful things with fondant icing in her unique cakes for birthdays and weddings.

The most fashionable girls in the city are here, they drink espresso and tea and sweeten the autumn days. Couples share a delicious piece of chocolate cake and Red Velvet fanatical followers are waiting for a whole cake – the best for a gift!

You will find the company’s products in selected stores in Greece and Cyprus.