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Company was founded at 1995, continuing the multiannual tradition of the family at the field of gold jewelry. The establishment of the Brand Name was only the beginning.

Quality, innovation, trained staff, creative marketing and design and written warranty won the trust of the audience and established the company as the most important at industry.

Handmade creations of Ora d’arte are pieces of art that are characterized for  authenticity. Platted with silver 925, products stand out for their exceptional quality and high aesthetics. Crowns-glass-bottle and bomboniere with a wide variety of choices for those who love quality.

 A harmonic combination of discreet luxury and refined aesthetics with color and glow, with the warranty of Ora d’ arte.

With over 1000 designs at silver and silver paltted crowns, company is the leader in the market of Greece, America, Germany and Cyprus.

No matter how daring imagination someone has, Ora d’ arte is ready to accept the challenge.


34 Palaias Kavalas str., Aigaleo
210 5900828,