Nuova Vita is active in the field of wedding and baptism products as an import-export company supplying the stores. Offices and warehouses (with a permanent showroom and cash and carry for traders only) are located at our new proprietary place at Thermaikou 59, Oreokastro Thessaloniki. Our huge rage will satisfy the most demanding customers by offering ideas and solutions for a successful wedding and baptism at the best value for money. We have a huge experience in the field of wedding and baptism and we have a huge variety of designs and ideas for whatever has to do with wedding and baptism. Our basic goal is to always offer the best service of our collaborators and every try is based on our mutual responsibility with them.
Our Philosophy
Our successful course through 36 years of operation in combination with our experience, certifies that every idea and attempt is focused on immediate customer service with the security of our professionalism. Our primary priority is faster service at lower prices, and at the same time ensuring a safe product delivery. We supply over 2000 stores annually.
Our People
Our people are carefully chosen and trained for every field of our business so that they can be available for our customers with inventive proposals by offering clever, innovative and affordable solutions for a memorable wedding or baptism.
Our Clients
Constant research of new fashion trends in combination with the understanding of market needs offers safety to our clients that through our products can find every modern, innovative and special idea which someone can choose for a unique wedding and baptism. Multiannual experiences in the field of wedding and baptism give us the strength to become aware of consumers’ pulse and allows us to constantly maintain and discover the best and most valid supply sources for our clients.

You will find the company’s products in selected stores in Greece and Cyprus.