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Τhirty years of creation

Moumou company was founded in Athens at 1985 and was specialized at design and production of handmade baptismal clothes and clothing for children. Anna Patapi designed and presented a collection of baptismal clothes of high aesthetics for the first time. The clothes were disposed through the wholesale network.

The first store, which distributed exclusively moumou clothes, was established in Marousi, Attica at 2003. At 2012, the collections travelled at Europe, Florence and Russia through Pitti Bimbo exhibitions. At 2013, a second store, which distributed exclusively moumou clothes, was established in Nafplio. At the same time, apart from the two stores, collections are available through a network of collaborators and trough internet worldwide.

Care, Comfort, Ιnnovation, Style

Babies need soft fabrics. Designs must facilitate their moves. Natural fabrics, which are combined with fabrics of new technology, create the sense of softness and comfort, by keeping a stylish and formal look. Silky chiffon dresses lighter than air, handmade knitted details and suits with vintage details compose a Mediterranean romantic modernism.

Μoumou company was never a conventional company. Εvery year company had high standards of style and innovation.

Since 1987, the source of inspiration was the neo-romantic style of the beginning of 19th century at Greece, which emphasizes, like French romantism, at the sentiment and fantasy. Basic principles and values, such as the spontaneity and kindness, are combined harmonically with the dream element while Anna Patapi managed to combine her designs with modern references from every day life. As a result the authentic moumou clothes created a new fashion trend at kids wear which has influenced designers until nowadays.

Moreover, the moumou clothes stand out for the quality and manufacture. There is a respect to kids and their demanding needs and that’s why moumou clothes are manufactured by chosen materials, appropriate for the sensitive kids’ skin. There are special designs that help their movement and spontaneity.

The production of clothes is accomplished by hand, under request. The clothes still remain affordable, verifying constantly the quality and price relationship.

You will find company’s products in selected stores in Greece and Cyprus.