Greek silversmithing workshop

George Louvaris is a Greek designer who creates handmade jewelries. Following his father, Konstantinos Louvaris, who is one of the creators-artisans with deep knowledge at handmade jewelry, Giorgos Louvaris continues family tradition by combining traditional techniques adapted to current requirements of times.

Since 1989 he works with recognized creators in Athens and Crete and at the same time he studies at a silversmithing school at Neo Iraklio Attikis. At 1995 George Louvaris creates the first workshop with jewelries and decorative objects from precious metals. Since 1997 he designs and manufactures items related to wedding, silver handmade crowns and wedding accessories of high aesthetics and takes part at exhibitions of the field. The great success of the silver handmade crowns and wedding accessories leads him at 2006 to the creation of a new contemporary standard workshop-showroom.

George Louvaris believes and captures the timeless Greek value through his creations.

You will find the company’s products in selected stores in Greece and Cyprus.