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New Collection 2019

Corporate Identity

Jioulis’ house of bridal fashion, with a history of almost half century, was established in 1974. The bridal dresses that constitute our collection exude of luxury, combine new trends and traditional seamless techniques, aiming in the most special way to satisfy the uniqueness of the woman. Designed in-house lace motifs, slides that emphasize femininity, unmatched fit and seam-line defined by custom-tailored patterns, characterize our creations. We choose to compose our creations with lace patterns, we create handmade and all the way unique bridal dresses that stand out and differ.

Discover our collection at selected partner wedding dresses throughout Greece & Cyprus.


Our tendency to focus in detail, custom standards and belief in use only the highest quality of seam materials, such us original Swarovski® crystals, composes our unique creative identity and make our creations to stand out. With the design and the perfection in every detail of seam line of bridal fashion, we provide the potential to professionals and every bride to choose high-quality wedding dresses, intended to charm.   Every bride that chooses our creation deliberately chooses to stand out.


Our home is based in Thessaloniki, next to the city’s airport. Design, cutting, sewing, embroidery and the more processes implemented in-house. With a dedicated staff, custom-made technical equipment and decades of experience, we continue to challenge ourselves and implement our original mission and promise of uniqueness to every bride.


Jiouli S.A.
P.B. 60704, Thermi Thessalonikis
23920 73001 – 3,

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