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Own and unique style – Hadassa

Leading UK manufacturer of wedding dresses Hadassa is widely popular not in Europe only, but Worldwide. Today, exquisite dresses are available for brides from all over the World. Brand Hadassa was founded in 2004 and in few years become extremely popular in West and East Europe. However, Hadassa company didn’t stop its development and shortly reached bride’s love of the whole World.

Why brides are so fond of brand Hadassa?

The company produces not simply wedding dresses but bridal gowns with soul and special charm, which is the embodiment of beauty, individuality and perfection. French lace, embroidery, machine embroidery, hand embroidery with beads, pearls and crystals, all this makes Hadassa’s wedding dresses the work of art. The original cut, lace of own production and royal look of the dress gives the bride a feeling of tenderness, celebration and unearthly beauty. Bridal gowns from Hadassa make every bride to feel herself like beautiful princess.

The success and worldwide popularity

Worldwide popularity came to Hadassa Company in 2014, when company  represented its exclusive collections to the international fashion community and was noted for unique design with sense of femininity, elegance and lightness. “We always follow the newest fashion trends and add the special character of Hadassa to every dress. This allows us to create truly unique designs.”  Company is proud to put its experience and soul of its people in creation of dream dresses for each bride!

You will find the company’s wedding dresses in selected stores in Greece and Cyprus.


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