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“We are a family. Greek family! So, we love working together, always loudly and in an intense way! Whoever handles that, usually loves us-we do love them too!”

2Gstudio was Vagelis’ (the father) idea, waiting for a few years to make it true.Having become tired of owning a lab and having such a few times to shoot in the streets, once his 2 children grew up and completed their studies, all 3 of them, together with Matina (the mom-unsug hero) made his dream come true!

A super modern elegant studio was established in January 2011 at the city of Preveza, and 14 months later, another one to follow, in Ioannina, where they all live today.

“We mostly shoot weddings and christenings. But we also love shooting for business studio sessions – New born, babies, couples, branding, fashion & boudoir.”

Vagelis and Alex are the master photographers of the studio, with Vagelis leading in most fields, due to his wide experience (30+years).

Awarded internationally, they’re well known for their work and already formed their personal style and have fans, also! They have both studied the art of photography and attend lots of photography seminars in a year basis. Rania, the manager, is in charge of the crew, so she handles the HR issues, as well as the clients.

She’s the face and the voice of the studio, always willing to serve you!
“Each one of the photographers has their personal assistant, who knows their style and requirements. Our associates in video services work with us for years, too, so we have formed over the years a team with very good communications and respect.

But above all, we’re friends with each other!

That’s our aim with you, too. To make friends with you, not face you, just as another client…”

Precious Moments by V&A Giotopoulos – Αlexandros Giotopoulos
88 Nap. Zerva, Ioannina