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Eurobaby-Euthimiou began its successful course in 1979 and today -35 years later- is one of the most important companies in the field of wedding-baptism and packing items, forming the market trends every year.

When Vasilis Euthimiou and his wife Vaso established their company, they started a small business foreseeing the upcoming rise of trade in Greece. Their creativity was invested in manufacturing fabric dolls, which became very popular in Greece and the creators entered at the current subject of the company. By investing in buildings -technological equipment and in human resources, the company manages to evolve and be in the forefront of the always-evolving market.

An important station in the history of the company was in 1997 when the two sons, George and Stathis, took the lead- George at the field of sales and Stathis at the trading and the economic field. They invested in structures that make easier the choice and the shopping experience for the clients of the company and always make sure to consult them properly.

With the joy and new ideas of the new generation, the company innovates at the special field of wedding, baptism and packing items. The emphasis on quality and innovation is confirmed by the research for the best and most stylish products the global stores can provide. Constant improvement is the primary value of the company, which targets high quality, reliability and the best customer’s service possible by adopting its founder’s motto:

By trying for the impossible we manage the best!

You will find the company’s products in selected stores in Greece and Cyprus.


B. Efthimiou & Sons G.P
16, Kourtidou str., K. Patisia
210 2925400,