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Wedding crowns’ workshop “Elena Mavrogianni” was founded at 2002, continuing the multiannual tradition of her family at the field of wedding. The establishment was only the beginning.

High aesthetics, inspiration, passion of creation, professionalism, quality of manufacturing and innovation won the trust of newly married and established the workshop as the most important at its field.

Handmade wedding crowns

Through a huge variety of exceptional materials, Elena Mavrogianni creates handmade romantic crowns with French porcelain, leather crowns that represent the purity of feelings and good luck of marriage (grandmother’s traditional crowns as they are known), silver crowns with 925° silver, silver platted crowns with 1000° silver, gold platted crowns with 18 carats of gold,  crowns with rose gold 18 carats, wooden crowns from natural wood with porcelain, silver, leather, vintage crowns with lace, crowns from brass, crowns from  coper, olive crowns from porcelain and silver.

You will find company’s products in selected stores in Greece and Cyprus.