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Designer Elena Manakou firstly appeared at the field of Baptism at 2005. Since the beginning, she appeared in a dynamic way and since then she stands out every year for her special and unique aesthetics. This leads the handmade creations to determine the trends at the field of Baptism.


 Elena’s Manakou team consists of people with huge experience and knowledge who create decorative items using the family know-how at the handmade manufacturing. The Baptism of Elena Manakou is 100% handmade, with no dependence in imported or exported materials.


Every collection stands out  for the special shapes at wooden boxes, unique decoratives, beautiful combinations and innovative themes. All the above are achieved with high quality materials: wood with ecological water paints, items that are produced by Elena’s Manakou company  based on plaster, laces and fabrics, cotton, linen and silk. The best for kids.


Every collection is Elena’s Manakou inspiration and hides a unique story with infinite hours of talking between the designer and her team. There is a careful choice of the materials and many samples before product reaches its final form. Company always emphasizes in detail, unique creation and quality.

Company has a passion and this is Baptism.  With you, they can create the best memories!

You will find company’s products in selected stores in Greece and Cyprus.