A collection inspired by Aristophane’s “Nepheles”. Socrates considers them Goddesses along with Chaos and Glossa and with those, he replaces the Gods of the city. This year’s collection uses neutral colors and hues ton to ton airy fabrics that follow the shape and awe of the Gods as well as designs created to showcase that philosophy.

“GIANNOPOULOS The World Of Baptism” was founded in 2005 by brothers Ioanni Giannopoulo and Charalampo Giannopoulo, and their mother Ksanthi Giannopoulou, in the field of creating and distributing baptism products in wholesale. After its first active decade, the company starts a new brand by the name “Baby u Rock”, that offers modern clothes in bright colors, airy fabrics, and lace that takes you back to a more retro era. It is the only company with a complete collection of baptismal products such as bonbonniere, baptismal sets, and “Baby u Rock” baptismal clothes.

You will find the company’s products in selected stores in Greece and Cyprus.